Pecan Creek Boutique 2012

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Its that time of year again!  The temps are starting to drop (not enough for my liking, but still…I have to be grateful for temps under 100!), kids are in school, and I am starting to think about the holidays.  Every year a group of wonderful ladies in my neighborhood organize an outdoor boutique featuring many of our local crafty and business minded moms.  The things that people make always amaze me and I love being able to support people I know AND get some cute, unique stuff for people on my Christmas list.  Here is the flier with info for this year for anyone wanting to join me!  :)  For more info you can check out or


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There isn’t much to say about this one.  It rained last night…and this afternoon.  We still haven’t fully landscaped our backyard so we have a lot of mud.  Beautiful weather + mud = fun for the kids outside!




Jane at Home

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With Ryan in school I now have two hours twice a week alone with this little munchkin:


Little Jane is growing up so fast!  She is no longer my baby girl, but my little girl.  She has so much personality and so many ideas in her little head!  As silly as it sounds to say of a two-year-old, she is truly maturing with age.  :)  Her first few years were difficult as we figured out her strong personality, but she is mellowing a bit as she gets older, and the other parts of her balance out the fire a bit.  We love the fire – just not the tantrums.  :)

So, the first day Ryan was in school, Jane and I went shopping (she didn’t want to go home…she never does) and I let her pick out some nail polish.  Then on Ryan’s second day we stayed home and pained our nails together.  It was the first time Jane has let me paint her nails, and she loved it.  (She is also letting me do her hair now, keeping bows in her hair, and is starting to take an interest in clothes.  I think  have a real girl on my hands!)  Here are her little pink piggies, all painted and sparkly.


And just for fun, here is one more random picture of Jane.  She decided to help set the table for breakfast one Sunday morning…apparently for her stuffed animals.


And yes, she is naked.  As much as she loves getting dressed and picking out clothes, she also loves being naked.  She seems to think if she is outside she HAS TO take off her clothes.  Inside she takes her pants and panties off to go potty and never puts them back on again.  And hey, without pants who needs a shirt?  :)


Ryan’s First Day of Preschool

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This is my cute little four-year-old preschooler on his very first day of preschool ever.


He was so excited this morning that I didn’t even have to ask him to get dressed.  He was dressed and ready to go at 7am – preschool starts at 9am.  :)  Then he asked me about every five minutes if it was time to go.  Think it was a long two hours?  Probably more for him than me, but FINALLY it was time to go!  After a few pictures at the door to document the occasion, we were off.  Ryan had no problem walking right into Ms. Melanie’s class and finding a seat (with a handful of others, including two kids from Sunbeams).  Jane and I gave him a kiss and left, returning two hours later to a very happy boy.  Of course, in typical boy fashion when I asked him how it was he had pretty much NOTHING to say.  He wouldn’t even tell me what they did today.  (Thankfully his teacher sends home their work so I could see…they wrote the letter A!)  He did ask me immediately if Jane could come next time.  (To which I sadly had to answer, no.)  When I asked him what his favorite part of preschool was he made a funny owl sound.  When I asked him what that was he said his teacher did it.  Still a mystery to me.  :)  When I asked him the worst thing about preschool he couldn’t think of anything (good!) but then decided it was that Jane couldn’t come.  She had fallen asleep in the car when he got into the van and he was disappointed that she wasn’t awake so he could talk to/play with her IMMEDIATELY!  He told me when I asked him that he wants to go back on Thursday, so I’m thinking it must have been at least okay!  :)

And then there is this little one.  My two-year-old, wanting-to-be-big-like-brother little girl.


SHE was NOT so happy about Ryan going to preschool – especially when she saw it and then was told she had to leave with me.  (It didn’t help that there was a basket full of baby dolls in the corner that she immediately spotted!)  She was really having a hard time so I had her go over and give Ryan a kiss goodbye before we left.  I asked her what she wanted to do – go home or go to the store – and she opted for the store.  So we spent some girl time shopping.  Kohl’s (books, dress shirts for dad, and new pillows for Jane and Ryan), Ulta (nail polish that I let Jane pick out for our mother/daughter pedis on Thursday when Ryan goes to school again), Dollar Tree, and Target (both for random stuff). After a few hours of shopping we headed back home to get Ryan from school and Jane fell asleep in the van.  She was asleep when we got to Ryan’s preschool, but I wish I had a picture of the look on her face when she woke up when we got home and he was there.  PURE JOY!  I think its going to take a few times for Jane to adjust, but I am hoping in the next few months before the baby gets here that these few hours a week can be a special mommy/Jane bonding time.  It also seems to have the added benefit of bonding my kids even more to each other as they are seeing how much they miss each other when they are apart.

Jane Turns 2

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Last week Clint spent a few days in Sedona with his team from work.  We missed him, but he took the last two days of the week off giving him a five day weekend!  What a treat!  Most of the time was spent catching up on sleep and housework, but Friday was a BIRTHDAY DAY!  My darling, strong-willed little Jane-girl turned two!


We opened presents in the morning, swam at grandmas in the afternoon and had movie night and cake and ice cream that evening.  It was a simple day, and I didn’t take near enough pictures, but it was nice, and I think Jane enjoyed it.  Per tradition we filled her room with balloons while she slept and taped off her door with crepe paper for her to smash through when she woke up.  (We have only done this once before, for Ryan’s last birthday, but he made sure that we did not forget, which makes me think its going to be a keeper of a tradition for us.)



A few things about Jane:

  • She loves to dance!  She will spin around in circles and squeal “Dance! Dance!”
  • She also loves the game Freeze Dance.  Its adorable!
  • She loves the color pink, and really anything that is super bright and colorful.
  • She picked out her birthday cake because, “I want pink!”
  • Her favorite movie is the Iron Giant, which she calls “Bad Guy.”  We watch it every.
  • For her birthday I tried to get her some girlie movies, “Tangled” and “Beauty and the Beast”.  B&B is her favorite of the two and her favorite character?  The Beast.  I have a feeling she is going to like scary movies when she gets older!
  • Months ago she pretty much potty trained herself, and then after a few weeks decided that she didn’t want to do it anymore…and hasn’t since.
  • She LOVES her big brother and always wants to play with him and do whatever he is doing.
  • If Jane wants to do something she goes and figures out how to do it.  She might be hesitant at first, but if she really wants it she will muster up the courage.  She isn’t really a daredevil, just very determined and persistent.
  • Her favorite songs right now are Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam, Whenever I Hear the Song of a Bird, and I Love to See the Temple.  And every night before bed we have to sing them, and before we sing temple she has to get up and point to her picture of the temple before I sing it.
  • She is a great eater, unlike her much pickier brother.  She will eat pretty much anything, and even likes random things like Salt and Vinegar chips.
  • She screams.  A lot!  If she doesn’t like something she will let you know.  :)  Whether its at home or at church or the doctors office.  Today the poor nurses and her doctor got an earful and probably a kick or smack or two as we tried to wrangle her just for a normal checkup.  She screamed bloody murder getting weighed and measured and it took three of us at one point to get her still enough to see how tall she was.  And we didn’t even have to get shots today!  :)
  • Even though she is quite a handful at times, she is also a joy and a light in our family and we are so grateful for her little spirit in our home!


And finally, Jane’s birthdays through the years:



I love my Janie girl! 


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Date Night and Play Date

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Date night.




Firehouse Subs.


ALONE!  :)




Play date.





Does it get any better than this?




I love my life!  :)


I have a 4-Year-Old!

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So, this post is a week late.  Horrible!  But, my Sunday morning German pancake is in the oven and I have a few minutes now.  :)

Last week, on March 4th, my sweet little Ryan-boy turned 4-years-old.  I know, I know.  Its really not THAT old.  But its the oldest any of MY children have ever been.

We kept things simple this year.  His birthday was on a Sunday, and the day before I had a shower that I was hosting plus his friends had their birthday party that afternoon.  The weekend before we ran Ragnar, and Mama just wasn’t up for planning something crazy in the midst of everything else.  Taking the wise advice of two moms and a best friend, we kept things low key and just had a little cake and ice cream (and presents, of course!) after dinner Sunday night.  For breakfast he got to pick out anything he wanted, which was sugary, artificial, cereal that he NEVER gets to eat, and for dinner we had breakfast – including pancakes…with sprinkles.  (Everyone say “SUGAR!)

Even with his grandparents, my younger siblings, and two of his best friends, that boy got spoiled!  A new (to-him) bike, and dad’s hand-me-down Legos from when HE was a kid.  Legos, angry birds, a super-soaker Nurf gun, matchbox car, a kids mp3 player, a baseball tee with a glove, balls and a bat were all his for the taking.  And he LOVED everything!  He told me afterwards, “Mom, this was the best birthday ever!”  I hope he is always this easy to please.  :)

Sugar for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


New tradition: Crepe paper zigzagged across the door and the kids have to break through it the morning of their birthday. Also, balloons filled his room.


"How old are you Ryan?"


Lemon cake with lemon curd filling and whipped cream frosting. Yes, that WAS his request! (His friend had it the week before at HER birthday and he loved it!)


Birthday boy getting excited for cake and ice cream!


Oh Baby! This present has already been used...A LOT! (Poor Jane!)


And now…Ryan through the years…;)

Taken exactly one year ago today. Ryan one week old.


First birthday.






My handsome, sweet, smart, active four-year-old best buddy.


Four special things about Ryan:

  • He loves his little sister.  For as much as he torments her, she is also his best friend.  I mean, a super-soaker gun is no fun to play with if there isn’t someone to spray, right?  :)
  • Ryan is and always has been a cuddly little love bug.  He loves to snuggle and be loved on (except for first thing in the morning.  Do NOT touch that boy after he wakes up!).
  • Ryan builds the most amazing creations with his Legos.  He isn’t a big into coloring or drawing, but his Legos are truly works of art.
  • For a four-year-old boy, Ryan can be extremely obedient, helpful, and self-sufficient.  I can lay down for a few minutes and trust him to watch TV or play on PBS without getting into trouble.  (LIFESAVER some days!)  He is (almost) always willing to help mom with random things I need (“Ryan go grab me Jane’s wipes from her changing table!”) and is wanting to help more with things in the kitchen.  (His new favorite dinner-time chore: peeling.  Anything.)  And we are getting to the point that most of the time when I ask him to do something he will do it, and (MOST of the time) without putting up a fight.

Ryan, if you ever end up reading this some day.  I love you more than you have ever imagined…or can until you have your own.  You are truly my sunshine.